I really did not need to see this this morning. Urk. Usually I can put up with the bullshit stuff he posts but this was too much, especially ‘cause his dad wrote it. I just, I can’t…I want to punch everything.

Especially ‘cause like, they’re such nice people most of the time in real life—I’ve stayed at their house for a weekend, hell, I used to have a crush on this guy—it just really frustrates me when people I like have opinions that…are this.

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    Aw man, I understand how you feel. This certainly isn’t the way I’d like to wake up, especially after such a stressful...
  2. herprivatearchipelago said: So, by this logic, we should mandate an allotted amount of time people must be together before they are allowed to get married, and make divorce illegal in order to constitute “lifelong heterosexual partnerships.”
  3. bonnienoise said: omg not only is this heterosexist bullshit it’s also just downright sexist
  4. the-hound-of-sherlock said: This….is just horrible - and another excuse to not legalize gay marriage! They are trying to get naive/insecure people to support their endeavor to keep gay marriage from being legalized…..
  5. atcdblu said: I had to stop reading that article when it became clear that ‘facts’ were being pulled out of asses… But hey, I know what it’s like to know ‘perfectly nice’ people who believe really crappy/oppressive things…
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